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Issue #176 — Get Started With Animation

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Issue #176 - Get Started With Animation

Lots of ways to improve the look and feel of your game in this week’s issue. Enjoy!

Making string marshaling safe for the CoreCLR garbage collector — In this blog, I’ll help you understand some of the recent changes my team made to marshal string data across the managed/native boundary in a GC-safe way. Unity

Improve retention by storing player data in the cloud — Storing player and save data in a cloud service is a simple and effective way to enhance player retention in your game. By allowing players to access their progress from any device and protecting their data from loss in the event of an uninstall or device reset, you can provide a seamless and uninterrupted gaming experience, ultimately keeping players engaged and coming back for more. Having access to the data also lets you test updates and patches on real world data — reducing the likelihood of introducing breaking changes.

(BIRP)World Position Effects Part 2: Box/Square Shape and Multiple Interactors — Since releasing the sphere based tutorial a few years ago, I’ve had some requests on how to add a box shape instead of a sphere, and also how to have multiple interactors. So let’s cover that here. Minions Art


Get Started With Animation in Unity

Get Started With Animation in Unity — Unity’s own Nathan Thomas gets us familiar with animations in Unity by building a basic example of “looting a chest.” Through this example we’ll run through Unity’s animation system, Unity’s timeline and Cinemachine. By the end, you should be able to build your own chest unlocking animations! Unity

Improve Game Performance with Unity’s Job System and the Burst Compiler! (Unity Tutorial) — In this tutorial we’re going to look at how to use Unity’s Job System to massively improve the performance of a game! Ketra Games

Make Scenes Look Amazing with Decals! | Unity Tutorial — Decals in URP are a great way to add grunge, bullet holes, signs, blood splatters and more to add life and detail to your scenes! SpeedTutor

The Ultimate Guide for Physics in Game Development! — In this video, I am going to thoroughly go over everything about physics in game development. Regardless of whether you are a complete beginner and don’t know what a force is, or a seasoned game developer who uses physics all the time, I can almost guarantee that you will take something new away from this video. This is the ultimate guide for physics in game development. Will Hess

4 Things You Should Never Do As An Indie Game Developer — Beginner and experienced game devs need to avoid these 3 huge mistakes you could make as a game dev in 2023. Should you use AI Art? Are you missing out on the Best Free Marketting for your Indie Game? How do you get accept user feedback for your game to make it better? BLANKdev

first person head bob in unity3d | very easy fps head bob system — lets create a simple and easy head bob system for our fps games in unity3d. Gamedev Inspire


Learn To Make Survival Games With Unity

Learn To Make Survival Games With Unity — Create Your Own Survival Games

Learn to build your own survival games with Unity! Inspired by AAA games like Rust, Valheim, and the upcoming ARK 2, these courses will help you master developing inventories, resource gathering, base building, crafting, AI enemies, and more — no prior experience required.

Plus, you’ll support NPower with your purchase! Humble Bundle Affiliate

Fresh Assets 50% Off — Save on 200+ new and trendning assets at 50% off. Including: Beautify 3, Casual RPG VFX, Liqua Volumetric Fluids, Flare Engine — 2D Tools, Intelliap PRO, H-Trace: GI & Occlusion HDRP, and lots more! Unity

GiLight2D — 2D light for Unity Urp with raytracing NullTale Open Source

Dynamic Lighting for Unity. — The Dynamic Lighting brings an old school lighting technique to Unity. Henry00IS Open Source

Low Poly Sci Fi Turrets (FREE) — This pack includes 10 different low poly turrets, make your RTS, Top Down Shooter, Sci Fi, Puzzle and Strategy games with this FREE pack and the best thing is that they are compatible with any game engine.

Quick Start Asset Pack — Prototype faster with resources that require minimal coding. Save 50%. Build your game faster with adaptable 3D models, audio, textures, and more with this mega bundle. Unity Affiliate

TinkState# — Reactive State Handling for C# (and Unity!) — An uncomplicated library for dealing with mutable state in a nice reactive way. nadako Open Source

UnityCustomTextureRenderer — A high performance graphics utility to update textures from native plugins. The function for updating textures runs on another thread. sotanmochi Open Source

Multiable Buildable Target Configuration Tool — A Unity Provider setting tool that supports adding multiple build targets with different configurations for multiple platforms. All the targets can be built with a single button and written to their specified directories specified in their respective target settings. It allows for less time being spent on switching between build platforms. Furthermore, All the settings export and imported onto other projects easily. voldien Open Source

NOVA Shader: Uber shader for Particle System — NOVA Shader is a multi-functional shader for the Particle System that supports Universal Render Pipeline (URP). General-purpose functions commonly used in visual effects are implemented so you can create high-quality effects efficiently. CyberAgentGameEntertainment Open Source

ComputeMarchingCubes — ComputeMarchingCubes is a Unity sample project that reconstructs isosurfaces of scalar volume data using a compute shader and the new mesh API graphics buffer direct access). It uses the classic marching cubes algorithm for isosurface reconstruction. The implementation is based on Paul Bourke’s article but partially modified for GPU optimization. keijiro Open Source

Graphtool-unity3d — This tool returns your data into graphs! Xander93 Open Source

Unity 2D Water Tool — 2D Interactive Water MemoryLeakHub Open Source

Draganddrop-unity3d — Demonstrates a drag and drop system with UGUI. Xander93 Open Source

Unity-Prefab-Collider-Generator — Unity PCF Generates a Box-Collider Encapsulating Every Child Mesh / Collider / Transform LTMX Open Source

Icons Creator 0.2.3 — This tool can create icons of any 3D object imported in Unity: prefabs, models, and objects on the opened scenes. Also you can make icons out of entire folders containing 3D objects. xyperine Open Source

Flash Animation Toolset — Convert your flash animation for Unity easy! BlackMATov Open Source

Unity PlayerPrefsEx — PlayerPrefsEx is a lightweight package that is an extended version of PlayerPrefs from Unity. Under the hood, it uses the same PlayerPrefs system but creates a flexible wrapper for the default system. IvanMurzak Open Source

Unity Settings Framework — This package aims to provide a comprehensible, simple and expandable way of creating in-game settings for any Unity game. xZenvin Open Source

ASCII FBX Exporter for Unity (2.0.0) — A tool to export any Unity GameObject into a FBX ASCII format Kellan Higgins Open Source

Unity.Mathematics Extensions — Extension Library for Unity.Mathematics & many useful methods to process mathematics ! LTMX Open Source

Tweet from Unity WebGL — Mobile-ready script for tweeting from Unity WebGL. gigacee Open Source

Music Producer 2023 Plugins And Software Essentials — A must-have mix for musicmakers. Listen up, music producers, artists, DJs, vocalists, and everyone who dreams of making their own music — this bundle of software essentials was mixed for you! Featuring a pack of plug-ins to add punch, power, and polish to your productions, along with a library of royalty-free loops, beats, and samples to help you construct your melodies, this value-packed collection will help take your digital compositions to new levels. Plus, your purchase helps support Alzheimer’s Research UK. Humble Bundle Affiliate


Mortal Sin

Mortal Sin — Mortal Sin is an intense action-horror roguelike where you must hack and slash your way through an endless nightmare. Death is only the beginning for you, struggler.

[You can wishlist it on Steam and follow them on Twitter] Nikola Todorovic

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