Issue #174 — Designing UI, And More!

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Issue #174 - Designing UI, And More!

Designing UI, graphics, pathfinding, and lost more in this issue. Enjoy!

— As a game developer it is your job to make the character move as the player wants, NOT how the player inputs controls. Even if you think your niche is having a very hard game that only makes it more important that your controls are forgiving. [With playable demo in the browser of each mechanic]

— It gets tricky when you start looking for paths for hundreds of units! [How to smooth and spread A* paths for an RTS, also read the Hacker News discussion]

— After reading about the use of Animator Controller state machines as a general purpose state machine in Unity AI Game Programming, Second Edition we decided to try out the concept and used it to control the game states.

— Mobile UI design can be challenging, and with the number of games and devices growing at an exponential rate, crafting the most performant game has become a major priority. Unity

— A summary of Will Wright’s talk to Terry Winograd’s User Interface Class at Stanford, written in 1996 by Don Hopkins, before they worked together on The Sims at Maxis. Now including a video and snapshots of the original talk!

— The new Memory Profiler — version 1.0.0 — delivers improvements to the profiling suite that offer a more complete view of memory usage and make it easier and faster to optimize performance or detect memory issues. Unity

— As engineers we spend a lot of our time debugging problems, yet it’s rarely taught as a skill in its own right.

— This is the first tutorial in a series about prototypes. In it we will create a simple Pong clone.


The Overlooked Secret Behind Realistic Graphics

— Present in every game cinematic you’ve ever seen and now making its way to real time rendering, depth of field is one of the most, if not the most important effect for taking your graphics to the next level. Acerola

— This is the final devlog of our month long game challenge, and for the last week I needed a proper city, now I could spend 5 hours placing it by hand, or 12 hours coding a system to generate the terrain, and since Im luckily to bad at math, Ill teach you (wildly oversimplify) how I generated it using Wave Function Collapse and if you keep watching Ill let you know how you can get the code to do this yourself. TJ

* — WWise, one of the most popular AAA audio middleware solutions, is now free for indie developers. So long as you have a budget less than 250K USD, you can use this fully functioning, non-asset limited version to author audio for your game. Gamefromscratch

— In this GDC 2021 talk, learn the tools for creative composition, orchestration, and decision-making within the confines of an extremely tight budget. GDC

— An indie devlog A Beginner’s Dev Vlog

[Video analysis of aim assist]

— In this 2012 GDC Europe Talk, Martin Hollis shares how his team created Goldeneye 007, the biggest release for the N64 without Mario in its title, and how what started as a Virtua Cop-style on-rails project became the legendary FPS that paved the way for console shooters like Halo and countless others. GDC


The Lunar New Year Mega Bundle

— We’re racing into 2023 with the Lunar New Year Mega Bundle! You can save up to 95% off fantastic, curated sets of art and tool assets in the new mega bundle!

$29.99 Bundle — save up to 60% This bundle contains: Sprite Shaders Ultimate, Wyrms, and Sci-Fi Turret Constructor.

$39.99 Bundle — save up to 79% This bundle contains everything from the $29.99 bundle, plus Shiny URP Power-Ups, SciFi Space Base, and Exporter for Unreal to Unity 2023.

$44.99 Bundle — save up to 95% This bundle contains everything from the $29.99 and $39.99 bundles, plus Warrior Pack Mega Bundle, Easy AR : Make Awesome AR Apps Without Coding, Sci-Fi Sound Pack, Ivy Studio — Procedural vine generation, Grabbit — Editor Physics Transforms, Flexalon 3D Layouts, Smooth Sync, Powerslide Kart Physics, ProTips — Tooltip System, SensorToolkit 2, Skill & Attack Indicators, and Pixelate. Unity

— This starter pack bundle is designed for new developers and creators. It includes 7 assets and tools, covering key aspects for game building including 3D models, music, textures, background and scripting. This bundle is only available through February 6. Unity

— Use the songs however you want! If you’re kind you will give credit to me, SuloSounds but it’s okay if you don’t want or forget!

— This repo contains the code for animating a statue with a look at transformation matrix and no rigging. IRCSS Open Source

— Statsheet system for Role Playing Game style character stats coryleach Open Source

— These components and shaders allow you to add rounded corners to UI elements! kirevdokimov Open Source

— The Ink-Fungus Gateway is (no surprise here) a gateway between Ink and Fungus. Ink is a scripting language for interactive fiction, developed by Inkle. Fungus is a visual storytelling and scripting tool for Unity. maurovanetti Open Source

— A Unity plugin which allows you to merge scene and prefab files when using git. FlaShG Open Source

— Learn the art & science of Unity game development. Build your skills in every facet of Unity 3D game development with this comprehensive bundle of books and video courses from Packt! Through a mix of hands-on projects and expert knowledge, you’ll learn how to code in C#, build 3D models and art using Blender, and get an understanding of making games for mobile platforms. Read, watch, and start creating, and choose how much of your purchase helps us support Starlight Children’s Foundation below! Includes: Hands-On Unity 2022 Game Development, Learning C# by Developing Games with Unity, Learning C# by Developing Games with Unity and more! Humble Bundle

— A Unity Editor utility that can transfer skinned mesh renderers from one armature to another. This does not automatically weight anything, it just lets you use a mesh on a specified armature instead of only the one it was imported with. CascadianWorks Open Source

— Arc raycast utility using projectile formulas williamrjackson Open Source

— SpriteOutlineFx is an image effect which adds outlines to sprites. keijiro Open Source

— Become a programming pro. Learn coding fundamentals and become a software development master with this massive bundle from the training experts at Mammoth Interactive! Through dozens of online courses, you’ll learn the essential tools, languages, and techniques you need to build websites, mobile apps, Unity and Unreal Engine games, and much more. Pay what you want and choose how much of your purchase helps us support Starlight Children’s Foundation below! Humble Bundle

— A simple rope experiment. I connected 80 rigidbodies with Spring Joints and rendered them with Line Renderer using Catmull-Rom spline interpolation. korinVR Open Source

— The Hierarchy-based Dependency Injection tool. Intuitivly manage dependencies of your MonoBehaviours with simple but powerfull [Attributes] kubpica Open Source

— Shaders for achieving a console-accurate PS1 aesthetic. Currently only the built-in rendering pipeline is supported. Valerie Moza

— Start making music today. Got a song in your heart and want to share it with the world? Pick up this variety-packed bundle and start composing! Build an instant virtual studio with synthesizers, the award-winning Boom 3D audio enhancer and equalizer, instruments, and more essential tools. Get a library of loops, SFX, MIDI files, presets, and more sounds to help you unleash your creativity. Score $1,000+ worth of audio software, and help support Direct Relief with your purchase. Humble Bundle


Super Adventure Hand

— Hands down the most adventurous and handsome hand in the world! You play as a hand on a gripping handventure where you single-handedly face numerous obstacles and avoid a handful of terrible feet.

[You can download the demo now on Steam, visit their website and follow them on Twitter] Devm Games

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