Issue #169 — Game Mechanics and more

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Issue #169 - Game Mechanics and more

Happy new year everyone. Enjoy the last issue of 2022!

— Released this August, the experimental narrative-driven single-player is already gaining recognition for its innovative storytelling and match cut gameplay Unity

— To be able to use these features we need at least C# version 7 and above or Unity 2018 and above. Ahmad Adillaumam

— The Rule Tile is only available after you install the 2D Tilemap Extras package (that will be pretty useless without the 2D Tilemap Editor package). It is by default installed when you create a new Unity project using the 2D template.

— The goal is to use computational creativity and generative techniques to extend the capabilities of human composers.

— As Unity’s Scriptable Render Pipeline (SRP)’s available feature set continues to grow, so does the amount of shader variants being processed and compiled at build time. Alongside ongoing support for additional graphics APIs and an ever-growing selection of target platforms, the SRP’s improvements continue to expand. Unity


How I made a Soft Body Multiplayer Game

— For this devlog I made a Soft Body Local Multiplayer Game called Bouncy. All started with me wanting to know if I could implement a game that features a Bouncy Castle or at least a Bouncy Surface. Since this video is now online I guess I somehow made it happen, so feel free to check out the journey of how I made my Soft Body and how I turned it into a Game! :) Obvious Dev

— Let’s see how I implemented Buildings, Leaders, Crafting, Automation, Power and many more systems! Code Monkey

— Check out Whiteboard Games’ creative solutions for generative blood splatter decals, how they stop VFX from clipping through walls and more! Unity

— I Made Celeste but it’s 3D. . . I got permission from the Celeste developers to release my 3D remake of Celeste, as long as I release it for free. I put a lot of effort into this one since it is the first one that I have actually been able to release, so hopefully you guys like it. CodyCantEatThis

— In the realm of image based edge detection, aesthetically pleasing edges are hard to come by. But, what if we could get stylized edge lines by just blurring our image twice? Acerola

— In this video I will show you how to detect planes in Unity’s AR Foundation using the ARPlaneManager and an ARPlane prefab. samyam


New Year Sale!

— Over 2000 assets are available at up to 50% off in the Asset Store.

Additionally, you can get an additional 20% off the sale price of on-sale assets on orders over $300, with Coupon Code: HELLO2023 Unity

— 70+ models with everything you need to make a toon shooter, characters with 17 animations, enemies, environmental assets and more! QuaterniusDev

— Sample pack of Status Effects (Buffs, Debuffs and Status Ailments) to incorporate into your game. Includes a Skeleton prefab with casting, stunned and wounded animations. Travis Game Assets

— Amplify Occlusion V2 ported to URP 2022.2 neon-age Open Source

— Anaglyph 3D (red/cyan) render feature for Unity’s URP ryanslikesocool Open Source

— This plugin simply adds a Simple Lit material (SubTarget) to the Universal target for Shader Graph for URP Zallist Open Source

— Real-Time Atmosphere Rendering in Unity URP,with single & multi scattering AKGWSB Open Source

— Epic assets to craft your role-playing game. Build your fantasy RPG world with this expansive library of assets from Blink, curated for Unity and Unreal Engine creators! This bundle is filled with fantastical stylized weapons, armor prefabs, animated creatures, humanoid characters, environment textures, icons, and more essentials you need to create the role-playing saga you’re dreaming of. Start developing your game today, and help support with your purchase! Humble Bundle

— A simple Unity editor tool of procedural mesh generating, modifying and exporting. sxm-sxpxxl Open Source

— Package for Unity which allows to contruct meshes in an adjustable shape of pipe and generate LOD paSushkov Open Source

— Get started making your game today. Build the game you’ve been dreaming of with this massive bundle of assets and sounds! Featuring sci-fi sprites, fantasy tilesets, and more visuals for stylish 2D games, plus a variety of voice packs and SFX for different genres ranging from RPGs to puzzle games, this bundle contains the pieces you need to get started building your dream game today. Pay what you want & choose how much of your purchase helps us support Starlight Children’s Foundation below! Humble Bundle

— Input buffering for Unity madeyellow Open Source

— Tool for maintaining symbolic linked packages for Unity codewriter-packages Open Source

— In this project, we explore a variation of A* which utilizes the concept of abstracting a map into clusters and precomputing information to do pathfinding. This method is called Near-Optimal Hierarchical Pathfinding (HPA*). hugoscurti Open Source

— A markdown viewer for unity gwaredd Open Source

— Unity GUI layout group that makes children respect the Safe Area. It drives direct children’s anchors while in Play Mode and supports LayoutElement.ignoreLayout. gilzoide Open Source

— Two popular Unity bundles from Humble Bundle have returned for a limited time. If you missed out on either the Art Bundle or the Tools Bundle now’s your chance once more! Humble Bundle


The Milk Lake

— Alone, Emmer traverses strange and dangerous lands to avenge her family and kill the dragon who burnt her home to the ground. But monsters aren’t always the scary things that lurk in the shadows. The Milk Lake is an intense, atmospheric sword-combat action RPG about the true nature of evil.

[You can wishlist it on Steam, and follow them on Twitter] Boltzmann Games

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