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Issue #161 — Inspiration And Learning

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Issue #161 - Inspiration And Learning

Check out these upcoming talks as well as a list of past ones to learn and be inspired by now. Enjoy

Unite 2022 — Get ready for it — Unite is back and free for everyone. On November 1, join fellow game developers and others from the Unity community in person or online for a full day of inspiration, learning, and connecting. Unity

Thread of great game design talks. — (Mainly for myself but feel free to bookmark/share/add if you find it useful too!) Rosa Carbó-Mascarell @moreelen

Recommend me a Blender course — Does anyone know a course that teaches the basics and enough basic modeling to get started? [Plenty of suggestions in this Hacker News discussion]

All the VFX breakdowns we’ve made in the past (new ones are on the way!)[Quick VFX breakdowns in gif/video form] studiocrafteurs

Making AnimationEvent safe for the CoreCLR garbage collector — In this blog, I’ll help you discover some of the recent changes our team has made to enable the integration of an updated AnimationEvent with the advanced GC. Unity

Tropes vs fiction in video games — In many ways, tropes are the language of storytelling. Wireframe

How to achieve cross-platform success through console game development — This blog post can serve as your guide for successful cross-platform game development. Read on for an overview of best practices and resources to keep in mind. Unity

Unity Releases — Unity versions 2023.1.0 Alpha 15 and 2022.2.0 Beta 13 have been released. Unity


Finding Character Voice With Your Voice

Finding Character Voice With Your Voice — In this 2021 Game Narrative Summit session, Wooga GmbH’s Cyrus Nemati shares how you can use your own voices to discover what makes your characters unique, and how writers’ rooms can accelerate character development when read-throughs are performed, rather than read. GDC

Math for Game Devs [2022, part 1] • Numbers, Vectors & Dot Product[A course taught for FutureGames. Parts 2, 3, 4 and 5 also available] Freya Holmér

How to debug C# in Unity P1/3 — There must be a better way to debug c# than 𝗗𝗲𝗯𝘂𝗴.𝗟𝗼𝗴 right? in this 3 part series of videos I will show you how to use Microsoft Visual Studio Debugger in Unity to debug most common problems like: Sunny Valley Studio

Let’s automate writing Style Tags into your strings for TextMesh Pro! — Filling your code or text boxes by hand with TextMeshPro style tags can make the actual string you want to be displayed hard to read. Let’s create an automatic system that handles adding tags for us and have it work at runtime, too! Christina Creates Games

Using AI To Generate Game Art with Grant Abbitt — Devology Livecast Ep. 111 — Rick and Tim are joined by Grant Abbitt to discuss using AI to generate game art.

Focus on What’s Important! — Focusing Objects, Animations and More — Unity Tutorial / Unity Tip — Find what you’re looking for or get an overview quicker! Learn how to focus on objects and other elements in different windows of the Unity Editor, like the scene view, the hierarchy, the animation window and more, in this Unity Tutorial. Erkberg

2D Characters in 3D World — Unity Directional Billboarding Tutorial — The much requested directional sprite billboarding for 2D characters in 3D worlds. Paper Mouse Games


Unity Power Tools Mega Bundle

Unity Power Tools Mega Bundle — Powerful tools can save users a lot of time and effort, increasing productivity. Until November 2, you can save more than 95% off three curated Mega Bundle sets of must-have tools. $29.99 Bundle — Save up to 79% Roguelike Generator Pro — Level & Dungeon Procedural Generator, Component Names, Combat Framework, and Whiskey Structure Builder.

$34.99 Bundle — Save up to 91% This bundle contains everything from the $29.99 bundle, plus EzChart, Grid Placement System, Wheel Controller 3D, InteliMap AI Tilemap Generator, OmniShade PBR — Physically Based Uber Shader, Local Avoidance, Geometry Algorithms, and Modular Motion.

$39.99 Bundle — Save up to 96% This bundle contains everything from the $29.99 and $34.99 bundles, plus 17 additional assets: Ragdoll Animator, Ultimate Crafting System, Physics Based Character Controller, File Browser PRO, Asset Cleaner PRO — Clean | Find References, Real Ivy 2 Procedural Ivy Generator, Blaze AI Engine, Figma Converter for Unity, HDRP Time Of Day — Lighting, Weather & Clouds, Procedural Lightning — High Performance and Shocking Lightning, Asset Inventory, See-through Shader, Stylized Rock Generator, Voxel Generator, Projectile Toolkit — Targeting and Trajectory Prediction, Spline Mesh Deform, and Gravity Engine. Unity Affiliate

FaceMeshBarracuda — FaceMeshBarracuda is a lightweight facial capture package for Unity that provides a neural network predictor pipeline to generate the approximate geometry of a human face. keijiro Open Source

Simplest Mesh Baker — Simple plugin that helps you bake several meshes to one in couple clicks. Kovnir Open Source

Time Rewinder for Unity — Rewind time in Unity with ease! While there are certain frameworks that let you rewind time in Unity, they are usually quite restrictive and hard to modify. I faced these problems myself when i needed to add time rewind mechanics in my game and none of the solutions that i have found were good enough. That is why i decided to start this open source project that i hope you find usefull. Time Rewinder uses highly efficient circular buffer implementation to store and retrieve the rewinded values. SitronX Open Source

InteractML, an Interactive Machine Learning Visual Scripting framework for Unity3D — InteractML is an Unity3d Plugin that enables developers to configure, train, and use Interactive Machine Learning (IML) systems within the game editor. Using visual scripting developers, designers and artists can visualise incoming data, configure game inputs (e.g., specifying what data to extract from sensors or objects in the game); train and refine ML models (by iteratively adding new training examples in realtime); and connect the ML model outputs (the real-time predictions calculated based on the training data) to other objects/scripts in the game scene. In addition, since InteractML doesn’t rely on external software, the ML models can be trained and/or refined by player-provided examples in the final version of the game. Interactml Open Source

UnityUiParticles — Unity ParticleSystem for built-in UI. ken48 Open Source

MMO Dragon Game Framework — Networking entities and load balancing with distributed server workers. judah4 Open Source

Unity PlayableGraph Monitor Tool — PlayableGraph monitor tool inspired by PlayableGraph Visualizer and implemented in UIElements. SolarianZ Open Source

UI Toolkit Plus — Reusable features for UI Toolkit runtime and editor. ErnSur Open Source

Array2DEditor — Use this if you want to deal with 2D arrays easily within the inspector of Unity. Eldoir Open Source

Unity Editor Toolbox — Improve usability and clarity of key features in Unity Editor for better workflow! arimger Open Source

Unity Package — Custom Hierarchy for Unity — Unity package to help having a clearer Hierarchy view, organizing everything in a “tree view” and including extra informations like Components Icons and groups/divisors. febucci Open Source

ScreenManager — Unity plugin for managing multiple layers of UI Screens in games. nicholas-maltbie Open Source

EasyIK — A fast and simple Inverse Kinematics solver (FABRIK) for Unity. — Simple and fast IK solver for Unity joaen Open Source

Free Procedural Skin Shader for Blender — Eugenio Pignataro added procedural pores and shared the nodes.

2D Shape Editor for Unity. — The 2D Shape Editor is a versatile tool to create complex 3D meshes out of 2D shapes. Henry00IS Open Source

UniTaskStateMachine — StateMachine for UniTask. StateMachine Editor Included. k-okawa Open Source

WaypointSystemForTimeline — This package is possible to complement the track (Bezier curve) on the Timeline. k-okawa Open Source

Scriptable Object Creator — AddComponent like ScriptableObject creation tool. NullTale Open Source

MaxMath — A C# SIMD math library for use with Unity only, supplementary to Unity.Mathematics using Unity.Burst. MrUnbelievable92 Open Source


Beacon of Neyda

Beacon of Neyda — In a world where a robot revolution failed, the last humans search for a way to survive and escape. Beacon of Neyda is a side-scroller strategy game where you have to survive waves of enemies while creating and upgrading your base. Build where you want — Defend what you can.

[You can wishlist on Steam, follow them on Twitter, and visit their website] Ghost Creative Studio

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