Issue #128 — Procedural Generation

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Issue #128 - Procedural Generation

Don’t miss this week’s issue, densely packed with great tips on procedural generation, animation, and tons more. Enjoy!

— Read our latest roundup of must-try tips on topics ranging from simple Destruction and Minimaps, to the new input system and Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO).

— Another form of noise is voronoi noise. For voronoi noise we need a bunch of points, then we generate a pattern based on which point is the closest. [See a great looking example water shader, as per]

— Procedural level generation is a technique to create game scenes on the fly following specific criteria completely at random. In principle that means that with each new game our protagonists will potentially face different landscapes on their journey. As developers, by introducing this simple method we can not only enhance the gameplay experience but also increase the re-playability value to the players. As designers we have a total control over the look & feel of the procedural levels. The game will always stay fresh due to random placement of platforms, enemies and objects in the map whenever we start it. In this article we’ll look into how we can implement procedural level generator for a 2D platformer in Unity.

— reating a variety of trees by hand takes a lot of effort, and each variation needs bespoke work from an Artist. Procedural Generation can be used for this problem by reducing the need for bespoke content creation. As a developer, you generally won’t have complete control over your Procedural generation work. This makes it particularly well suited for such background content — content that is important but won’t break the game if it isn’t entirely perfect. Divij Sood

— A videogame’s UI and UX has an immediate and lasting impact on gameplay, production, and the bottom-line. So… where are all the guides and best-practices for the most important Art in the entire game for the up-and-coming UI Artist? Shouldn’t there be a primer somewhere? Some kind of shorthand? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with seven ways in which you are messing up your game’s HUD… and hopefully how to fix them (?).

— Unity 2022.1.0 Beta 7 has been released. Unity


Trying to Improve My Geography Game with More Real-World Data

— Continuing the geographical game journey with some performance improvements, bug fixes, graphical upgrades, and a variety of experiments. Sebastian Lague

— An overview on making a deformation effect using Shader Graph and Compute Buffers. AE Tuts

— In this Unity tutorial we are going to create a Stylized Beam effect with a touch electricity! We will mix Visual Effect Graph and Shader Graph with a bit of Blender and Krita in between. Gabriel Aguiar Prod.

— The Command Pattern is one of many design patterns that every game dev and programmer should have in their developer toolbox. In this video I’ll use a practical example to show you how to implement the Command Pattern in Unity, and explain what the Command Pattern is and when it’s useful. Infallible Code

— Use Animation Rigging to take basic animations and make new unique anims! Code Monkey

— Today we are looking at a tool called Character Combiner, an open source project for combining multiple Miximo animations into a single project, which can then me exported as GLB/GLTF and ready to use in your game engine of choice. Gamefromscratch

— We’ll now implement climbing to our character controller. There are many different approaches to adding climbing in today’s games. Whether they are distinct climbing points or free climbing, the end result is to get the player where you want them to be. In this video, we’ll guide you through how we implemented our climbing system in Unity. HamJoy Games

— Cameras can be tricky, especially when you need to factor in different screen sizes and aspect ratios. I’ll show you how to keep all of your elements on screen at all times. Perfect for puzzle games, multiplayer games.. or any games I suppose. Tarodev


Asset Store Lightning Deals!

— Each Lightning Deal asset will be available at a deep discount for a limited number of users. During this promotion, each included asset will have 20 licenses available at 70% off, 20 at 60% off, and a variable number of licenses available at 50% off. Once those have been claimed, the asset will no longer be a Lightning Deal.

A selected listing of upcoming deals (check the store for more):

— A library for game automation. Unium is an library for unity that facilities automation. It exposes an HTTP API that can be used for tools or testing. gwaredd Open Source

— Blit Render Feature for Universal RP’s Forward Renderer. Set specific source/destination via camera source, ID string or RenderTexture asset. Also options for _InverseView matrix and _CameraNormalsTexture generation. Cyan Open Source

— Unity package to help having a clearer Hierarchy view, organizing everything in a “tree view” and including extra informations like Components Icons and groups/divisors. febucci Open Source

— Create ships that perfectly fit the free-to-use Pixel Shmup asset package.

— How we synced subtitles to voice-over, I decided to take a minute and share the solution I built for NUTS. [Direct link to source] joon — @joonturbo Open Source


A Webbing Journey

— A wholesome 3D puzzle platformer featuring a cute little spider. Go on a little journey and explore unique and colorful islands. Build cool webs, swing around and solve puzzles. Meet other spiders and insects and become friends with them.

[You can play the demo on Fire Totem Games __

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